Walk Away Silver Heart – a couple of live ones!

Just a couple of days now, until the e-book is formally launched. Formatting and shaping has been going on right up until the last minute, with what I hope is the last revision posted to Kindle just tonight.

Then today, in the mail, a small reward and encouragement. Proof copies arrived.

Actually, I tell a fib. It is a huge encouragement.

I have just finished going through the proof (together with my very own resident proof editor, my wife Leanne).

Apart from the need to re do the cover because it is too dark, and reformat content, which caused the manuscript to lose a couple of pages (which in turn needed an adjustment of the cover . . .) it was completely perfect, in every way.

I don’t think I can begin to estimate the demands of time and concentration that have been required to get this little production to the point where I think it might be substantially finished. Huge.

Thanks for bearing with me through the distraction of the fires (now substantially put out by near torrential rain falling in vital places), and the creation of this suite of three collections.

I believe and hope that anyone sitting down with a copy of one of the books, or leafing through them on their kindle will find them a worthwhile exploration of aspects of love. They are certainly not something I had imagined doing, right up until I had started and was well into the project.

I’m delighted also, to have a couple of early reviews lodged by my wonderful ARC readers, and I will post links to these as Valentine’s Day approaches.


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