19 thoughts on “the joke

  1. I wish they could use the ocean water somehow. I know in America, scientists can sometimes jumpstart rain putting something into the air with airplanes. I just did a quick Google search and it came up as “cloud seeding.” We need something in Australia!

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    • In California, they do sometimes seed the clouds — it has to be done under just the right circumstances, though, and doesn’t work very well. There have to be clouds, with sufficient water to react to the chemicals they use, moving in the right direction, and the wind has to be at just the right strength. Our most effective fire fighting is done with PhosChek, a fire retardant dropped from airplanes — the larger the airplane the better — they lay the PhosChek down in a line just outside the perimeter of the fire, and it stops the forward motion of the fire. Again, though, it takes the right conditions, and is a pretty exact science — might not work well for tree fires — most of our fires recently have been in dense low brush. And we’ve had several fires get away from the fire fighters, too — some have been directed into wilderness and allowed to burn themselves out.

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  2. Growing up in mid-Century 1900’s, we used to have one bad fire per year in California.. I was fascinated by some of the meteorological effects at that time, and by a novel by George Stewart entitled Fire, which detailed the then-current method of fighting the fires. Techniques have changed since then, but it’s none-the-less fascinating to watch their development. It’s sadly appalling to see how severe the fires have been during the last decade. I’ve been fortunate to be safely distant from the worst fires, but, for the first time, I packed an evacuation box this past summer/fall, just in case.

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