a week is a long time (is no time)

I guess
it always happens

I guess that
is how it happens

a week has gone by

and the news
that’s in the papers
wants to love
the minister
wants to hate
the minister

and social media
already knows
who has to go

who must be

the stories
are growing
day by day

there is going to be
some hardship
the argument is all about
and money no

who and what
and where

it’s as though
might have happened
in a bad dream

a different kind
of surreal

and then today
after the rain
didn’t come

the fire map
came to life

mount buffalo
to myrtleford

and suddenly
there is
no time


6 thoughts on “a week is a long time (is no time)

  1. Mother nature is a fierce foe.
    Eloquent words can teach others the plight,
    but we can never train her will or might.
    Bravely try to make her look another way,
    close our eyes our minds and pray.
    Land and life is lost in flame,
    The world needs a name to blame.
    But we secretly know …
    Mother nature is a consciousless foe,

    Frank, I cry when I read and again when I placed my words on your page. We have family in New South Wales so watch closely and raise awareness and hope …

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