no need (to weep)

through the night
a gathering
of foul

perched above my head
where I lay

and I felt it
as a gentle wheeze
each time
I took a breath

and I felt it
as a tear that fell
from my eyes
in turn
without my knowledge
and without
a provocation

my dreams were strange

by this grey moment
in time

and who is to say
that’s not a reason
and enough
for a casual cry

I carry a picture
of myself
within my mind

the image
is of me
as a hollow mannequin

filling up
in shades
of damaged air

rising within me
from the ground

not filled

not yet
only as high
as my chest

as high
as that part of me
that does the breathing

I am weary of feeling
like this

I am weary
of the knowledge
will not end


not today

there’ll be no need
to weep


8 thoughts on “no need (to weep)

  1. It must feel like it goes on forever. Inevitably, the coverage in the media over here is dropping away, although I’m a little surprised it has managed to maintain it for so long. I would imagine it’s the only story in town over there.

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