Maketh The Man – on air Broadcast.

My heartfelt thanks and great pleasure to Ion Newcombe over at AntipodeanSF for including another of the accompanied recordings af one of my Mythologically inspired poems 'Maketh The Man on the AntiSF Radio Show, It's a great show with a reading by Linda R Young, but if you especially want to hear Maketh The Man, tune it … Continue reading Maketh The Man – on air Broadcast.

(PAD #59) embroidering (a day)

the dayin stitchingfinds its place the patternfamiliarthougha little vague for I have gazedso longthere is waterin my eyes I see the shapesbut blur the edgesof meandering lines butcross and crossand crossagain a colourfor each momentand eachcorrespondentmood something begins somethingto emerge stitch long enoughI’ll stitcha whole world maybeI’ll stitch myself in theretoo everyone a placeincluding me … Continue reading (PAD #59) embroidering (a day)

Herja, Devastation. A slightly neglected heroine

Neglected by me, that is. This collection of poetry and prose has tended to get a little overlooked as I have grappled with other works, but it increasingly seems that the story is being well received by readers. Cage and I are quite delighted with the responses we've received, and there have been a couple … Continue reading Herja, Devastation. A slightly neglected heroine

Book Review — The New Asylum: A Memoir of Psychiatry, by Frank Prem

Thank you so much, Ms Jade Li for your wonderful support. I’m truly delighted you enjoyed the collection.

Tao Talk

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Frank Prem’s new poetry book, “The New Asylum:  A Memoir of Psychiatry” contains memoirs spanning his life from a small child to forty or more years as a psychiatric nurse, all in relation to the psychiatric hospital on the hill in his small town in Australia. It starts with both of his parents working there, then he works as a student nurse for three years before becoming certified as a psychiatric nurse. The bulk of the poems are about his career as a nurse. A small number are about “hostel life” which sounds like a halfway house or supervised transitional living for the patients.

Frank has exceptional skill in being able to distill vital and intimate moments to their essence. The poems are minimalist but the messages are clear. He unflinchingly creates portraits of patients at their best, at their most challenging, and at their most vulnerable. He does the…

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The Day Craft – on air broadcast

I'm delighted to share that my spoken word recording of The Day Craft has been broadcast by Antipodean SF. Th. e poem comes in at around the 3 minute mark, but do have a listen to the reading by Eugen M. Bacon, as well. Hope you enjoy the poem and my thanks to Ion and … Continue reading The Day Craft – on air broadcast

of day and of rising (to a song)

Inspired by the phrase 'the song of me rising from bed and meeting the sun' taken from 'Song of Myself (Leaves of Grass)' by Walt Whitman.This now comprises a part of The Linkages Project it is a soundlesssong sung bysensation sungby touch I hear itbeforeI open up my eyes I hear itthrough an alterationin my … Continue reading of day and of rising (to a song)

being (the herald)

Inspired by the phrase 'The feeling of health, the full-noon trill' taken from 'Song of Myself (Leaves of Grass)' by Walt Whitman.This now comprises a part of The Linkages Project I rise up comes the dawn it heralds meIherald the day and as the greyretreatsand the green enlivens the sun shines goldennew light there is … Continue reading being (the herald)

Not an everyday #1 . . .

It's not your everyday #1 ranking or category, but The New Asylum is what it is and I'm grateful to those buying it through Amazon and elsewhere. I'm so very grateful, also, to those writing to me or stopping in the street here, around town to tell me how much they're getting out of reading … Continue reading Not an everyday #1 . . .

legislated (pride)

From the news: Ending Medevac for incarcerated refugees there is prideto be had of a sort of a kind there is pride to be hadfrom ridinghigh yes there is and prideto be hadbythe bucketby the gallon in litres when some otherweeps in litresmy friends I need to pausetake a breaththe pridethat I feelfallsin litres and … Continue reading legislated (pride)

Exercises in the Inspiration for Writing #02

For anyone interested, I've just put up a second 'Exercises in the Inspiration for Writing' post over at my author site. I had intended it to be a monthly thing, with encouragement for reader participation, but sadly, six months have gone by between posts. I still very much encourage participation as a small exercise that … Continue reading Exercises in the Inspiration for Writing #02