mellish street (tomorrow)

I look out
toward the space
where I know
the paddocks lie

mellish street
is safe

nothing going on
but a car
with one headlight

too noisy

but the night
is calm
and there’s no glow
on the hills
or the ridges

but there is no peace
and no calm
though nothing else
is stirring

there was nothing
to be seen

there is nothing
to smell
in the air

but I know
like the next beat
of my heart
that it is coming

last time
it was on library road

the time before
mount pilot
was the blaze

on another occasion
we simply had to leave
the only air
that we could breathe
was a flame

was a fire

it might be
as soon
as tomorrow

it might be
we have to wait
till next week

but in the meantime
every picture
beamed into my head
is iron

and the underworld emerged
to leap from tree to tree
and mile
after mile
either concentrating hard
and fierce
or just
too damned

I am surrounded
by feelings
that make me bow
my head

like a death in the family

the death
this time
of all the things that I
that we

all the things
waiting for their burning
when the fire decides

I don’t believe
there is a god
of weather

I can’t believe
there is a god
of rain

but there should be
because I know
some people
are spending their spare moments
just praying

and as the world
tastes its own ash
as it gasps
I can’t help
feeling I’m no better

for I say
a little thanks
that Mellish Street is all right
and we will open eyes
to the same



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