blue and black and the bridge (on fire)

they are light fireworks in sydney tonight the old year ends the next one is just around the corner so many things just around the corner sydney couldn’t see it’s hand in front of the bridge just the other day perhaps a kind breeze has blown the smoke away but in any case this is australia we have to put on a display we have to put on a show and I guess that we have exceeded like never before I guess we’ve made a success from our own hardship I recall in the nineteen sixties (so old am I) the astronauts took photographs of earth green and blue and white an awesome sight celestial queen and I had never seen anything so beautiful today the pictures are black that is framed in red and yellow I don’t suppose they can see each flame but I know they are there and it is beautiful in a kind of way a desperate and sad and weeping kind of way we are a christmas decoration a bauble set to flame and sydney might find itself in the firework lights when the rockets fly up and up and then explode a celebration of fire performed with fire I think I might step outside to watch the sky maybe a space station and an astronaut will pass they still look beautiful to me and my memories of blue and green and white a celestial queen are still for me more precious than glittering explosions setting the bridge on fire ______________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to be notified about changes and developments in my writing world, new poetry collections and giveaways? Subscribe to my monthly Newsletter here

15 thoughts on “blue and black and the bridge (on fire)

  1. Brilliant. I too remember those first photos of the Earth from space and how we marvelled at the beauty. I didn’t watch the fireworks on tv tonight but heard the ones they let off here at Ocean Grove Victoria. The noise ended with three excessively loud bangs – they sounded like explosions. All I could think of was ‘why?’

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  2. I find the images on the news of what is happening in Australia harrowing to say the least. I have a friend who has lost one of her dearest friends in the fire. They had known each other since school. Millions of animals have perished in the flames. I hope you are alright Frank and I hope the New Year will be kinder to your beautiful country.

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