and we become (the thing that we denied) a refugee

the thought I had
was a refugee

I’ve had these thoughts

once in a boat
upon the waters

as a thought
in the sky

but lately
I’ve been watching flame
licking at the leaves
on the trees

bringing darkness
when the sun
should shine

and I see photographs
in my newspapers

I see pictures
on the TV screen
of mamas
holding it together
the best way
that they can

of papas

like the world’s gone

and I count
the creatures
that aren’t where
they should be
and my thought
is just a prisoner
to the knowledge
that the world has changed

there’s no koala

there’s no blue-tongue

no wombat and
no kangaroo

I can’t see
a magpie

the kookaburra
isn’t laughing

no brown snake
or tiger

where is
the fairy wren

the wood ducks I remember
as a score

are there any left
I wonder

is there anywhere
that they might go

in my mind
I see
a desert grow

where rainforest
always swayed

and I can see
a land
that was once
my home
and y thought
a refugee

who am I
who are we
when the things that make us
are gone

who am I
who are we
when the air
we took so much
for granted
is brown

is the night time
of our lives

what am I
what are we

I don’t know
I don’t know
I don’t know

but in my heart
I feel
what I have to feel
and my thought

my poor thought
nothing more
than a refugee


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16 thoughts on “and we become (the thing that we denied) a refugee

    • I have been, all day at work, imagining Australia becoming a nation of refugees as our rainforests turn to desert after these fires etc etc.

      I, at least in my own mind, can see that becoming a reality. I hope to be wrong.

      Liked by 1 person

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