What have I been up to?

I’m conscious of spending very little time with the poetry blog recently, and thought I should perhaps show what I’ve been up to, with a view to next year.

I’ve been intensely involved in trying to master the art and cradt of book creation from scratch. All in all, I’ve made substantial progress with five collections I hope to put up on Amazon and the like next year.

You’ll recall I undertook an exercise of writing to prompts taken from three stellar poets of a century ago. I’m hoping to release all three as published collections in 2020.

I’m also working hard on assembling one of my photo poetry collections into two e-books.

This has been quite tricky because each poem has its own photo to be inserted, and also because I made a hash of the pictures when I first took them played with them, Ah well. Hopefully they will be fine.

It’s likely that I’ll be looking for Readers and Reviewers for these as they come along for release, and I expect to be doing some giveaways through my Newsletter, so do join the list (if you haven’t already), if you’d like to take a peek at the work when it is finished and good to go.

The signing link is below.


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