‘Seasonal’ – once more, protecting the cherries!

Have you ever had the experience of watching and waiting for your favorite fruit to ripen (say, cherries, perhaps), and then some local pest gets them just before they’re ready to harvest?

Perhaps everyone should try this solution … (My thanks to Claire Baldry and the Autumn Chickens website for publishing this Christmas time poem).


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5 thoughts on “‘Seasonal’ – once more, protecting the cherries!

    • Thanks Derrick.

      I sympathise with Jackie.

      My cherries are finished already this year, but there are some gorgeous golden plums on the way – still green. We make fruit leather out of them, and this year the cockatoos (a huge bird, really) are marauding and I’m having to chase 15 at a time from the tree.

      They love the kernels and simply devastate the tree to get at them.

      Oh well. Where is that cat …

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