#Poetryreadathon – An introduction to Frank Prem and his WW1 poetry initiative

Not only a wonderful review of The New Asylum, but Robbie Cheadle has been kind enough to include some thoughts I’ve penned about writing and about a current project involving WW 1 photographs and some spoken word accompaniment for them.

Robbie’s initiative in featuring poets and their work in a dedicated #PoetryReadathon is quite lovely to read and marvelous to be a part of.

Thank you, Robbie.

Robbie's inspiration

Poetry readathonFrank Prem is an Australian poet who has three lovely poetry books available. His books are fairly unique as they all comprise a story told through the forum of poems which are all linked by a common thread and carefully composed to contribute to the definitive book form structure.

Over to Frank

Hello Robbie, and readers. Thanks for me having me as a small adjunct to your marvellous Poetry Readathon.

In thinking about what poem to select that readers might be interested in hearing a little bit about I was drawn to my current obsession, which involves using World War 1 photographs drawn from the Western Front, generally, and particularly the Somme Battlefield. I was struck by a couple of thoughts that I thought might be worth elaborating a little.

A little background to my writing.

I am a writer of free verse poetry, but I really fancy myself as…

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