A little publicity.

It was a big week for publicity last week, and I know there are some interested folk who don’t have acces to my local press, so am attaching readable (I hope) images of the feature article by N.E. News reporter and author Belinda Harrison, and a report from The New Asylum book launch by Ovens and Murray Advertiser reporter (and local artist), Wendy Stephens.

I thank them both.

The above article appeared as a feature in the Regional Extra, placing it in a number of small town Newspapers throughout the North East of Victoria.

Wendy’s article, above, appeared in the local paper for my town – The Ovens and Murray Advertiser (with the Regional Extra included as a weekly supplement.

I was away in Melbourne when it came out, but have started to receive nods and snippets of conversation from folk I pass on the street, that wouldn’t have occurred before, I don’t think.

To any budding writers out there, I suggest it is worth making an effort to contact local reporters and papers. My experience is that they are only too happy to support local talent, and as often as not are budding writers or artists themselves – a natural affiliation group.


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37 thoughts on “A little publicity.

    • Kaz, it seems to be going well, for sure. It helps that folk seem also to be enjoying readings and what are starting to become workshops.

      It gives me a lot of confidence to take next steps, and I think it’s undeniable that folk around here in media and News seem to genuinely want to get behind and support local talent.

      I don’t know if that’s the case everywhere, but it is helping keep momentum up, here.


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