What’s new? Well …

This is such a big month!

I’m delighted to let you know that the Rainforest Writing Retreat anthology – Short Stories of Forest and Fantasy: Fantasy Anthology is now live as a Kindle book on Amazon.

I’ll pop the preview code below, for anyone who wants to take a peek, and buy a copy if that works for you.

This anthology was written to the themes of ‘forest’ and ,fantasy’ – hence the title.

I’ll give a little of the introductory blurb, here:

Fantasy stories to transport you to magical destinations, each brimming with unique twists, from sword and sorcery to unearthly tales and legends. You’ll find high fantasy, urban fantasy and even paranormal mysteries. Spend some time with elves, fairies, pixies, shapeshifters and even a yowie.

For myself, this is the first anthology my work has appeared in alongside prose. I think that’s a fairly big deal, although I hope to make it a commonplace occurrence in future. My contribution is called ‘Blue Dog’. I may audio record it over at my author page in due course, but in the meantime, pop over and take a look. Grab a copy.

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