bad wind (upon your eddies)

Inspired by the phrase ‘The sound of the belch’d words of my voice loos’d to the eddies of the wind ‘ taken from ‘Song of Myself (Leaves of Grass)’ by Walt Whitman.

This now comprises a part of The Linkages Project

so I stand
to speak

I know that you
can hear me

I know the way my voice
the gout of belching words I utter
and let loose
upon the winds
affects you

to affect you

here I stand
and I
will speak


I will tell you
of what I know

of what I believe

I will tell
what is
the truth
of the matter

I will shout
at you
the truth
of the matter

stamp my feet
until I fear
(I hope)
the earth
the very earth
will tremble beneath you

but you


I know
are stoppered

aurally insulated
to filter out
the lesser words

the undesirable

the provocative

and yet
I belch at you
for my world

the world that I
so love

the only world
that I can ever know
is burning to ash
in my mouth

released to float
as flecks of grey
in lazy swirling eddies
by your winds


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