the need to test (for life)

Inspired by the phrase ‘the pass-ing of blood and air through my lungs’ taken from ‘Song of Myself (Leaves of Grass)’ by Walt Whitman.

This now comprises a part of The Linkages Project

the feeling of life
that comes
with the first rays
of the sun

when I wake up
to the day

the passing cool
of air
filling up my lungs

of blood pumped
by my beating heart

I know:
I am aware

I know:
I am thinking

and so
I am alive

how could I be
if I did not
really know

I need to pinch
to feel the pain

the bloodless whiteness
the red

sometimes I speak my
ouch aloud
just to hear

the sound
of my voice

little confirmations
small certainties
to be tested

after the night

every night

when I
might have died
for all that I know

I wonder
how much proof
would prove to be

how can I stop

is that point
when I no longer need
to know

forgive me
I am tedious
I believe I may have
a small obsession

but the minute
that I stop
is the moment
I no longer know
and truly I wonder

can I be
I am really alive
if not
by testing


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5 thoughts on “the need to test (for life)

    • I’ll have to ponder how to deliver it as a reading, Alli.

      I’ll let you know if I record the piece.

      Thank you, I’m delighted you liked the piece. I’m a bit grumpy with how hard Mr Whitman is making me work for these.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Please do, Frank. 🙂 And you may feel grumpy, understandably, but nothing really worthwhile is ever easy. So your hard work is well worth it. 🙂


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