Audio recordings

A little while ago I mentioned I was going to start audio recording some of the WW 1 inspired poems that I was obsessed with a while ago.

you may recall that I would take a photograph from the Western Front of that war, and then allow some verse to happen.

I had thought there might be a nice little book or two in it, but the cost of the photographs in high resolution is a bit prohibitive, so I decided to just record them as audio and post over on my author page (

Well, I’ve done a few of them now, and while I don’t intend to bang on about them, I’m quite pleased with the way they are progressing – reading aloud is always a significant test, for me.

Here are links to a few earlypieces. If you enjoy them, hit the follow button and get notice in your reader when fresh material is posted.

to see such heroes

this field (the river)

for pride

where we breathe underground



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