Guest author: Frank Prem ~ The New Asylum

It’s my privilege to appear in a guest author spot over at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo blog.

On this visit I’m talking about some of my early experiences of the Mental Asylum in my hometown, and it’s been a great pleasure to audio record a few poems from this era – taken from my new collection The New Asylum – so folk can get to listen to the poems, rather than read them. I hope you enjoy them and look forward to hearing yor reactions.



Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Hello Sue and hello readers. Thank you for inviting me back.

I thought I might tell a little of the back story to my new poetry collection – The New Asylum a memoir of psychiatry.

“…a wonderful collection of colourful, sad, genial, well-meaning and, yes sometimes, mad characters, both staff and residents…” Review excerpt.

The collection is about my journey through a lifetime association with psychiatry and mental health service provision and psychiatric nursing care. The journey starts with myself as a child, and follows me through psychiatric nursing and acute care provision, inpatient unit management and long term rehabilitation.

For this article, I felt it might be of interest to readers of your blog to get an introduction to myself as a child associating with an old institution – Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum, over here in Beechworth, the town I grew up in, in Australia.

There is an…

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