Frank’s World War 1 poems

You might remember these from a little while back – photographs from the Somme and other Western Front battlefields of World War 1 that Australian troops were involved in.

I think I posted about 50 here, but wrote around 120, with a view to chasing some funding to put them into book form. I had perhaps three volumes in mind for the project. I felt that a grant was needed because high resolution copies of the photographs cost a small fortune.

I heard back yesterday that my application wasn’t funded, so I’ve decided to do something a little different. My author page – – has capacity to post audio, and so I’ve started to audio record the poems and post them together with the pictures.

This will be a slow project – adding to it when I get a chance, and without any great urgency, but I also think it will be interesting and, I hope, worthwhile.

I don’t intend to keep referencing it over here, so, if you’re interested, slip over to the author page, take a look at the first pieces and then hit the Follow button to have new posts appear in your reader.

Hope you enjoy them (though it’s grim subject matter), and do let me know how you react and respond.

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8 thoughts on “Frank’s World War 1 poems

  1. Just because of the age of the photographs, you might consider reproducing them deliberately as low quality – I sometimes play around with photos to get that effect, and am very pleased with it. Ultimately, it depends on what you feel works for you, of course.

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