well nourished (now to sleep)

Inspired by the phrase ‘Now I am tired’, from the poem ‘Madonna of the Evening Flowers’ written by Amy Lowell.

This now comprises a part of The Linkages Project

I have gazed
at the sky
all morning

placed my nose
right in close
to smell
the sweet perfume
that comes
from blossom

in the garden
I have studied
the ways that green grass

it did not move
at all
like this
in the winter time

and listening
to birds
has taken
more time
than it should

and I find the day
has fled on wings
while I pursued it
on foot

and I am tired now
nothing done

I am wearied
from my thoughts
and observations

I do believe
I need to rest
my senses
may explode

but this day

this wondrous day
has brought nourishment
for my soul


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