not much left (of me)

Inspired by the phrase ‘become undisguised and naked’ taken from ‘Song of Myself (Leaves of Grass)’ by Walt Whitman.

This now comprises a part of The Linkages Project

strip me back
my skin

suspend it
on a low-hung wire

take the meat
from my skeleton

each ingredient

rattle my bones

there’s not much else
that is left
of me

and naked

what I
was and
I am
and what
I will be

what am I
who am I

what do you see
when you look
through me

my skin
make me dance
all my flesh in a pile
beside me

beating loud
like a drum upon the cavity
of my heart

sending a signal

I am

I am undisguised

what you see
is portions

of what I was

and that is all
(that is all)
that I
can be


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