finding me (a warm place carried)

Inspired by the phrase Standing under a spire of pale blue larkspur, from the poem ‘Madonna of the Evening Flowers’ written by Amy Lowell.

This now comprises a part of The Linkages Project

beneath the larkspur

standing tall
it towers above me

a floral arch
of spires
palest blue

you are one
with the secateurs
cutting where you will

your ornaments

and pretties
for arrangement

a vase

you seem
to stop
your arm stilled
eyes fixed
on me

I am something . . .
something . . .
not expected

I wait on you
your leisure

the time needed
for a surprise
to pass
and you to raise me

like a talisman
a love mote
from the garden

a warm place
to be carried
to where you are

where you live

the being
of you

made more

than one larkspur
of the palest blue


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