(PAD #045) the season kissed

what shade
of green
what hue
is that

the colour is
the sun
the light

through grass

highlighting a flower
a waving leaf

the black
is the shadow
of winter

the blue
is a promise that I

can believe

it is flowing above
flowing right through
what is me

I believe

I feel the colour

blossom white

I am the sky
of season change
of this day


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5 thoughts on “(PAD #045) the season kissed

    • Thank you, Derrick.

      I was a bit silly with this, though. I actually went outside to take a picture of the greens and the whites and blue and the yellow. Came back in and promptly forgot to include it in the post.

      Distracted, me!

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  1. I was outside for a while yesterday and it was hot! I’m looking forward to cooler weather, but not the wind that comes with it. Glad you’re getting into spring. Still amazes me how big and different the world is, while here on WP we seem close.

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