Books for Older readers (#BFOR) BlogBlitz Day #13 – #15

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Books for Older Readers (#BFOR) is a UK based group I belong to, and is having a #BlogBlitz, running for about a month, with different members lining up to post, in turn.

My item is later in the month, and will be posted at my author site ( and I’ll let folk here know when it is posted, but in the meantime, I’ll be sharing links to new articles as they appear through the month.

Day 13 of the #BlogBlitz takes us to Val Portelli’s blog, Voinks, for an article titled BFOR BlogBlitz and Unicorns, where she discusses the dangers of stereotyping.
Day 14 of the #BlogBlitz takes us to Anne Stormont for an interview with Maggie Christensen at her BeingAnne blog. Maggie is considering how real life issues can hinder the writing process. The interview is part of the Put It In Writing virtual book festival.
Day 15 of the #BlogBlitz comes from Jan Harvey at her Jan Harvey Author website. Jan leads an interesting discussion under the heading On Swearing.

Discussion is invited, either here or at any of the BFOR BlogBlitz sites.

Check it out.


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