More reviews. How wonderful!

I guess that some folk stopping by here might be a little weary of seeing posts from me spouting about book reviews left by readers of Small Town Kid and Devil In The Wind.

I apologise, if that is so, but it is such a thrill to me for my work to receive thoughtful commentary in public forums, such as Amazon or Goodreads, or LibraryThing, that it simply doesn’t get old.

So . . .

Today I’m reporting a couple of new reviews – one for each book, and a location where a few more reviews are hidden away, in case anyone cares to take a peek.

First, a big thank you to Janet Gogerty of the Times and Tides of a Beachwriter blog, for reading and leaving her review of Small Town Kid on Goodreads.

Kriti Khare of the wonderful Armed with A Book blog has also left a review on Goodreads, this time of Devil In The Wind.

I’ll be chatting with Kriti in a little more depth about writing and related matters a little down the track, In September.


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