Re: Hélène Vaillant

I have been asked to pass on some sad news regarding our good blogging friend Hélène Vaillant. The message is self explanatory and comes from Hélène’s sister Anne.

If you are aware of places and people that should be made aware of this sad development, please do so.

Greetings Frank,

I am Anne G…, Hélène’s sister. She has asked me to write to you as she cannot due to being hospitalized. She is very ill and has been diagnosed with an aggressive kidney cancer.

She has refused all treatments whatsoever except for comfort measures. She is very clear and ready to begin palliative care. We are at the early stage of this change of life. She said you would know to spread the word in your group.

Her family and I are asking her friends and loved ones to send her healing and blessings on this challenging journey. I will endeavor to keep you posted.


39 thoughts on “Re: Hélène Vaillant

  1. Life and the ending of life. Sorry to see this Frank. I have a close friend in England who is struggling with cancer and so far is loosing the battle. It is hard to loose friends. I am praying for my friend and will add your friend as well to my list.

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  2. Such very sad news. I guessed something must have happened to Helene when her page disappeared the other week. So sad. I will miss her. She inspired many of us with her picture prompts and I think some of the pieces I wrote in response were some of my best. I’ve met a number of super people via her blog, too. Thanks for letting us know, Frank.


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