Small Town Kid – New Reviews

It’s been a big morning for Reviews here in SmallTownKid-ville.

Tom Williams is a UK based writer who agreed, a little reluctantly, to read Small Town Kid and has posted a review over at his website:

While fossicking through Goodreads, I came by chance across a review by Peggy B, who is coordinator of her local Bookclub. Here is what she had to say:

My thanks to both Tom and Peggy (and a couple of other folk who have been putting upreviews that I don’t have time to shout about as much as I would like to, today.

Thank you, everyone. I feel incredibly humbled. Incredibly grateful.


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15 thoughts on “Small Town Kid – New Reviews

    • Peggy, that was you?

      I’m slow to put two and two together sometimes.

      Thank you, so much. It brightened a difficult day, and I as I think I mentioned on GR, if there is any way that I can help to enhance the reading experience for the group, let me know.

      I’ve acquired some terrific friends here, and I’m very grateful.

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