from storyland (final)

I have had in mind, for a little while now, that 600 poems from the Bachelard inspired sets of poetry might be time to stop posting. There are more, but some sets have run out. Others, such as the poems arising from Intuition of the Instant – the contemplation of the working and meaning of Time, go on for a goodly number yet.

For a final piece, I spent a little time this morning reading through some of the remainder of the Water and Dreams inspired poems.

I confess, I have found myself quite moved by them. Taken up with the imagery that flowed out of my reading of that book.

It’s a little surreal, to me, to read, almost as a stranger to my own work, of the large man who is out of place, disheveled and uncomfortable on dry land, but comes alive in the water.

Of meditation undertaken in heavy water.

An act of will taking drops of water and transforming them until they become storm and tempest and destruction before reverting yo mere drops of water, once again.

It has been difficult to choose this final piece, but in the end I managed. 

Thanks for following the series. I might revisit some of those already posted from time to time, and eventually put them into book form.

Meanwhile, sweet dreams.


 from storyland

at your feet
and listen

every wave you wash
onto the shore
will tell me

all of your
come from far away
distant places

foreign tongues
foreign fruits

your flotsam

this timber

ssshhaaa ssshhh

a coconut

ssshhaaa ssshhh

a life preserver
red and white
and named for some lost

a sailing craft

ssshhaaa ssshhh

ssshhaaa ssshhh

I will listen
to your

ssshhaaa ssshhh

quiet voice
of warmer climes

ssshhaaa ssshhh

and other days

ssshhaaa ssshhh

the moon is high

ssshhaaa ssshhh

and I fall
on my side

ssshhaaa ssshhh

a hillock
one small hillock
of grainy sand

ssshhaaa ssshhh

ssshhaaa ssshhh

a pillow come
from story land

washed all the way from
story land

ssshhaaa ssshhh


your stories


your stories
in my dreams


Poem #600 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard reverie.


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