A Book Cover a day for seven days (Day 7). Men at Arms – Terry Pratchett

Day 7

I’ve been tagged by Mick Canning to choose and feature 7 book covers in 7 days. The covers of books that mean something special to me. This entry is for my Day 7 (and final) cover.

Terry Pratchett

What a great shame this man was afflicted by a form that scurviest disease of our times, dementia.

A brilliantly witty and satirical writer, his skills (in my opinion) were adversely affected at the very end, but I have a treasure trove his books and wit on my shelves.

As I worked my way through his works, I found great enjoyment in titles like going postal, the wee free men and a hat full of sky.

Not to everyone’s taste, but he certainly suited me.

That’s me done, Mick.


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