Devil In The Wind – Goodreads Review by Claire Tennant

Another very fine review of Devil In The Wind, by Claire Tennant ( This is another post that FB won’t allow me to share from Goodreads because of offensive content. Pretty amazing what’s going on over there.

These reviews are so very important, and I know that folk often feel it is not their place to say what they think, or that they aren’t in some way ‘good enough‘ to warrant sharing their opinion with the world.

My advice is to just do it. I think it is the most wonderful and important thing you can do to support a new author.

I’ll add, as a by the way, that these reviews have directly helped to sell a few copies of the book. As a result, Devil In The Wind is right now sitting at #1 New release in both, Australian Poetry and in Natural Disasters categories on Amazon.

Yesterday it was #2 overall in poetry on the Australian Amazon site. I can’t stress enough that this is significant in the long term.

Thank you so much, Claire.

Visit Claire’s review here, and give her a ‘like’ if you can spare a minute:…

Check out the book on Amazon, here (and don’t forget it can be read for free through Kindle Unlimited:


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