A Book Cover a day for seven days (Day 4). Guys and Dolls – Damon Runyon

Day 4

I’ve been tagged by Mick Canning to choose and feature 7 book covers in 7 days. The covers of books that mean something special to me. This entry is for my Day 4 cover.

Damon Runyan was a wonderful writer of short stories set on Broadway in New York, during the Prohibition period in US history.

Shady characters and dodgy dealings, love at Mindy’s Nightclub. Big Butch blowing up safes while minding the baby.

Dave the Dude’s love affairs.

Runyan was a sportswriter of some note, but his lasting fame came with these wonderful short stories, originally released in 3 volumes. The Guys and Dolls edition showcased in the cover picture below is a collection of some of the best, including The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown on which the well known musical was based, and it featured a number of these Broadway characters – Sky Masterson, Miss Sarah Brown, and Nicely Nicely Jones (“What he does for a livelihood is the best he can, which is an occupation that is greatly overcrowded at all times . . .).

Check these out. I especially commend the short story ‘A Piece of Pie‘.


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8 thoughts on “A Book Cover a day for seven days (Day 4). Guys and Dolls – Damon Runyon

    • He had a very particular style, Robbie. I think it’s the case that he never used the present tense in his writing, but I might be wrong, there.

      I think enough of his work that I hunted down all of his work, including lesser works.

      A great writer, maybe 2nd hand shops only, these days.


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