A Book Cover a day for seven days. Don Camillo

I’ve been tagged by Mick Canning,  over at another social media location, to choose and feature 7 book covers in 7 days. The covers of books that mean something special to me.

This is a real topic for me, as some years ago I made a choice to seek out and acquire books that I would be prepared to read time and again through the rest of my life.

Happy to oblige Mick, starting with Don Camillo. I have several of these, and see them as a great example of short story writing, in sequential style – like chapters. I aim for this in much of my own written work.

Do you have a meaningful book and cover?


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7 thoughts on “A Book Cover a day for seven days. Don Camillo

    • I wonder if it’s due to the new(ish) WordPress Editor.

      I’ve reloaded the image and another one to go with it, Christine. I hope it shows this time, but I’m at a bit of a loss, really.


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