alchemy: from a stone

his hammer smacked
a dull
ineffective sound
against the granite

a little powder
a little flake

he struck
a chisel into the stone
to achieve the same

he struck
and he chiseled
until the powder
made a mound
at the bottom
of his crucible

with tongs
he placed the cup
upon the fire

there was nothing
he could see

just the shimmering
of heat waves

though he stared
until his eyes
began to weep

he was sure
so very sure
that if he watched
extra carefully
and noted

there would be
a trace
a small trace
of mist
visible above the cup

and the water
that he knew with certainty
had to be there
would be
at last


Poem #579 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard reverie.

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