the sun he wrote

his eye was not an eye it was the sun projecting light and everything it looked at it saw just as the star will watch over all that it sees everything that he looked at he also saw then he wrote it down ~ Poem #570 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and … Continue reading the sun he wrote

Ginchy (1): stooped (berserk)

I try to keep my head low but after a while it doesn’t matter the way I run now I'm permanently stooped as though being close to the ground might stop a shell or a fizzing bullet and I can’t shoot back while I’m running and I will arrive without enough air but adrenaline and fear … Continue reading Ginchy (1): stooped (berserk)

Wishing me a happy (WordPress) anniversary!

Well, my dear friends, it seems I've managed three years of incessant poetry blogging here at WordPress. I thank them for letting me know. I thank you for reading them (some, if not all LOL!) 2,734 posts (counting this one). Mostly individual poems. 11,954 comments (thank you one and all for being willing to comment … Continue reading Wishing me a happy (WordPress) anniversary!