Devil In The Wind – YouTube trailer

Devil In The Wind finally goes live online on May 31st. I'm very excited to have reached this stage. So excited that I've released a video trailer on my very own YouTube channel. The video features myself reading the poem: callignee butterflies. If you enjoy spoken word poetry, or just want to take a look, … Continue reading Devil In The Wind – YouTube trailer

from a low point

there is no long or short there is only vertical only eternity that's how far how deep his axis runs in his sleep it is only down when he wakes it is with no up and every night he starts again but this time from a low point a lower point then down again will … Continue reading from a low point

a longing (to flutter)

and does the flame beyond the glass above the oil atop the wick ever long for freedom it burns as it must burn yielding light and climbing within its confines does it never wonder with naked desire of how it might feel to flutter in the caresses the tender touch of a gentle untrammeled breeze … Continue reading a longing (to flutter)

Pozieres (7): too many everywhere we go

too many crosses we leave them everywhere oh do you know where the australians have been yes yes it is a cemetery now yes yes that is where they’ve been but what are we to do we leave a part of us the best part of us too many crosses everywhere we go but that … Continue reading Pozieres (7): too many everywhere we go

Small Town Kid – a new review

My thanks to Brenda T, who has written a most wonderful review for Small Town Kid over on Goodreads. Do check it out here. I feel very grateful to Brenda and to all of the other readers who have been so willing to share their thoughts and responses to the book and its memories. Thank … Continue reading Small Town Kid – a new review

the pull of truth

an example of the truth was running in a rivulet down the pane of glass in front of my eyes breaking up into a dotted trail almost straight but dodging here and there around imperfections yet remaining a faithful acolyte of gravity here comes another one same line same dodge this time it is something … Continue reading the pull of truth