Noreuil (1): put them right

ah well
it’s not just the younger lads
that want
to see the world

I’m forty-two
after all

and besides
the mother country
is still in peril
so a man needs to do
the right thing

I was just a labourer
back home
there was no real excuse
not to sign up

try to help

my dear lady
was right behind it

you get over there
and you help them
to put things

so yes

a bit of the world
help put things

and it’s funny
in a way

I’ve ended up
still a labourer
over here now

nearly two weeks

I miss christina
and my old home
in adelaide
a bit
I’ll send a letter
when I get
the chance

and home
will still be there
when I get back
I reckon


9 thoughts on “Noreuil (1): put them right

      • When we were travelling around Australia in a campervan with our kids aged 2 and 4 we heard the Pogues version of the song with the whole title being : And the band played waltzing Matilda. It is about someone returning by boat from WW1 and he has no legs. And the band played waltzing Matilda as they carried him down to the dock. It is a disturbing but wonderful song. I also liked the Waltzing Matilda that was your anthem before the Australia Fair anthem.

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