Rainforest Writing Retreat 2019

I’m growing quite excited. In a handful of days, I’m flying to Queensland to attend the Rainforest Writing Retreat, for a second time.

Twelve months ago I attended, with the encouragement of my wife Leanne because we both recognized that it was time for me to find a way to do something with my writing, other than simply produce more and more.

I had a wonderful time, and learned much. What I came away with was the sure knowledge that I could turn my work into an industry standard and quality book, in all contemporary formats. Also, that assistance was available and affordable to help me achieve that goal.

My undertaking, to myself, was that if I made significant progress, I would attend the retreat again.

A year later, I have two publications – Small Town Kid, and Devil In The Wind in book form, and receiving positive reviews. Not only that, but I have positively commenced the part of my journey that takes me from being a hopeful writer and turning into an acknowledged author and Indie publisher. Quite a big leap in the space of 12 months.

So. Next week the Rainforest Writing Retreat is on again and I’m delighted to be going along, not only as a participant, which I’m eagerly anticipating, but I’ve also been granted the privilege of running a small Workshop while there.

I urge all budding authors to seek out and attend an appropriate retreat – there are many around – and soak up the encouragement and knowledge that will help you progress in your nascent career.

The itinerary for the Retreat is at the end of the link below. Look for me on the second page, and thank you to everyone who visits here. You give me wonderful support and I believe you make my work better.



Want to follow the Retreat? Try here:

Web: http://www.rainforestwritingretreat.com/writers-retreat-information/

Twitter: @RWRetreat

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RainforestWritingRetreat


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