Wishing me a happy (WordPress) anniversary!


Well, my dear friends, it seems I’ve managed three years of incessant poetry blogging here at WordPress. I thank them for letting me know. I thank you for reading them (some, if not all LOL!)

2,734 posts (counting this one). Mostly individual poems.

11,954 comments (thank you one and all for being willing to comment or chat).

4,695 Spam comments (thank you, this time, to Akismet).

That’s not what I imagined 3 years ago when I started out just wanting a place to park my poems online, and hope some passer by might stop and read a little.

I recall looking enviously at blog sites with thousands of followers and set a little goal of seeing if a huge number (a whole thousand) might be a reasonable goal, for one such as me. Such a vanity. Now that it is just a number I feel really very humbled and have stopped thinking in terms of arithmetic quite a while ago.

Anyway, I thought perhaps I’d rummage through my earliest poetry posts and bring one forward to mark this occasion. In fact I’m bringing to the fore the very first that I posted – a love poem – which comes with a bonus SoundCloud link to allow you to listen to Leanne Murphy singing the piece as she set it to music.


Listen to Leanne sing time comes.

time  comes

time comes
I need to make a stand
to place my mark somewhere safe
above high water

to know
this is how it needs to be
and know
nothing less is good enough
nothing that will fall below
the line of declaration

and you know that I want you

I wait for you
to rise
to step up beside me
and shine
beacon bright
a shining light to guide me home

and I want you

to listen to the sound of my beating heart
make me feel alive

to touch me
make me warm


time comes
to rise above a line
I’ve drawn
in sand


45 thoughts on “Wishing me a happy (WordPress) anniversary!

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