Small Town Kid – the ‘Crackers’ poem


Anyone who has read Small Town Kid (my poetry memoir of growing up in Beechworth in the 1960s and 70s), will have read about the bonfire that always started proceedings on Bonfire Night:

. . .
in the fading light
the bonfire
on the far side of the gorge
is touched off
to blaze red at the town
and signal that the time
is now
. . . 

This morning Leanne and I were walking around the Gorge (a beautiful Autumn day for it) and passed what I think may be the very spot that the bonfire in question was built and lit, year after year, back then.

Imagine, if you can, dusk falling and the eyes of the town fixed on the gorge, waiting for the signal to start proceedings.

The picture above shows the grand view looking back towards the town, presently dressed in glorious Autumn colours.

I can actually see the house I grew up in when standing in that spot (up a bit . . . right a bit . . . just beside that chimney . . .).

Anyway, I thought I might share the view, to help readers get a sense of where the action was, and what it might have looked like from the town, at the start of Cracker Night.

Small Town Kid can be found at all good online booksellers:

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