waiting for the day (airtight)

I breathe
from my O2 tank

I hear the air
as it hisses past
a valve

feel it
my throat

a welcome stranger

out here
the night
is still
is black

the night
is forever


I trust
in my airtight suit
I trust
in every seal and join

I trust
every god
back on earth
who made it

push the button
for a little
extra thrust


I float
with the hull
beside me

this ship
is my home
my life

this ship
is my

and I trust
that it will stay intact
I trust it
every weld

surrounded by the night
is a little like
old time

but what else
am I to do

I have a job
just like anyone

and I know the night
is hungry

to want to touch me

take me

hold me

keep me



there is so little
that comes
in between

I believe
in my ship
yes I do

I believe
in my spacesuit

and I believe
that the god
who made all my
important things
is down there

upon the earth
looking up

and that he loves me

he speaks
my name

and I hear him
through the radio

the voice
is in my head
talking quietly

I hear
my oxygen
flip a valve

flip a valve
right over

and I breathe

and hear his voice
telling me
that he believes
in me

making me believe
I can do
my job
in safety

and he’ll be waiting

the day
that I
come down


9 thoughts on “waiting for the day (airtight)

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  2. Wonderful exploration of the nuances of Faith. It brought to mind the poem about flying into the heavens and “touch the face of God.” Yet the flip side concerns how much do we trust our fellow humans!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s wonderful the way poetry allows us to go a little deeper in the search for meaning, both in a poem, and in the world around the poem.

      I’m delighted you found some depth in this poem. Thank you.


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