enter a crab (for Magdalena)

Re-posting this piece for Mother’s Day. A companion piece is of lying still and colour.


it’s disturbing

I didn’t think that I . . .

I never thought that she . . .

don’t suppose I really ever thought at all
now I can’t stop
chasing thoughts around and around
to nowhere


never a yachtsman but I’ve dreamt
of sailing away
over the waters of the bay

riding at anchor
I can see lights shining
from frankston around
to sorrento

it seems a good place to anchor
through the dark hours
while I wait for tomorrow morning


it’s only new
the words haven’t sunk in yet
and there may not be so much
it could be amenable

perhaps they’ll remove it
without consequence
but the news is still so raw
she doesn’t know what it might mean
fears it might be bad
they’ll have to open up
for sure

and in that darkness
anything might happen

she’s been told
she needs to be an optimist
but she’s already practicing the word
silently across her lips
and I don’t know what to offer
in return


the lights fade a little
the sky lightens
my boat and I rock gentle
on the water

I don’t know where we’re going
but with anchor up we’ll ride
anywhere the wind goes
my boat and I

as long as we can dream


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