grounding of a poet by friend

he is always there
with his head
in the stars

whether he sees any more
than the twinkle
who knows

I suppose
it is eternally clean
between the lights
and the darkness

maybe too pure
is what I’m trying to …


if you look
into his eyes
you’ll get a faraway gaze
he seems to be here
but he’s not within miles

from time to time
I mix a bucket
of mud

from time to time
I take hold
of his hand

when I think he’s too far away

when I think he’s been
too long gone

when I think he might lose himself
in the tease of those
winking lights

I put his hand in the slurry

I hold him
while he squirms

with his fingers
in the mud
I remind him
of earth

that he belongs
not lost in the stars

it’s hard
to watch him coming back
but it’s what you do
as a friend

then he’ll take a deep breath
and look me
in the eye

grunt a sort of

thank you

cast around
for a pen

a pen
and a sheet of paper

lock himself in a room
and he’ll write
where he’s been

write where the stars are

he’ll write of his joy
his broken heart
when he had to return

friends don’t let friends
among celestial bodies
out on astral planes

no friend
would do that

so I
accept the blame

I accept his blame
and I would do it
for him


Poem #538 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard reverie.

7 thoughts on “grounding of a poet by friend

    • Thank you, Robbie.

      I was impressed when I looked at it, myself, TBH. Written and forgotten quite a while ago.

      Lovely inspirations have come out of Bachelard. I’ve just started reading him and writing all over again.


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