accustomed (let us sing)

I found a new prompt that interested me over at the ReinventionsReena blog

A piece of writing of any length, ending in the phrase: we grow accustomed to darkness. My attempt is below.


I whistle
the sun

for new light

within my breath

hold on
to hope

I make a sound
call it

raise my voice
to heaven

sing with me
is the time

to sing songs
of light
and of reason
in the night we grow
to the darkness


sing out now

lest in the night
all hope
is lost
and we grow (too) accustomed
to darkness


19 thoughts on “accustomed (let us sing)

  1. The process of writing a song comes through so clearly. Music makes all the difference between a poem and song, and can lend a new dimension. We choose our music, and that is what creates different personalities. I think I’m arriving at answers to the questions raised by Jade’s post.

    You emphasize the importance of light, by highlighting the transience, and the inevitability of darkness.

    Thanks for joining in, Frank Prem!

    Liked by 1 person

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