a little skunk


get yourself behind me

(scat! scat!)

scat!     scat!     scat!     scat!

I say
get yourself behind me

you’d better

(scat! scat!)
(scat! scat!)

I turn myself around
put you
away beyond my shoulder

don’t come too close
don’t come too close

I got the big guns

I will blaze you

(scat! scat!)

all right all right
all right!

you’re really looking for it



scat!     scat!     scat!     scat! (take that)


I said



Poem #529 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard reverie.

4 thoughts on “a little skunk

  1. My personal experience with skunks is that they don’t scat. In fact, I’ve found you must talk softly and not come too close or they will stamp their little feet like an angry bull and run at you. Their way of saying, “Let’s see who’s gonna scat, buddy.” 😉

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