the colour of light/brilliant – sepia

he has spent a long time
trying to see
what colour is the light

he isn’t thinking
of refraction
or rainbow
what light
is today

something bright
and brilliant

is already
a fainter shade

memories of youth
somehow hold
a rosy

the room he slept in
seems toned in the glow
of amber

that of his parents
just next door
is duller
and empty

so many lights
all so different

how do they change

does the colour
with distance
is there perhaps
a compartment-shuffle
within the memory

so much time
spent in warm shades
then move along
to cool

fade away
to end
in snowy speckles

he has spent a long time
trying to imprint
the colour of the light


Poem #526 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard reverie.

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