with whom I walk

I walk
with the night
who lives
inside me

you cannot see him
his shadow
is mine

I walk
with the desert
who burns
of me

you cannot see
but his fire

that lonely

it is mine


Poem #524 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard reverie.

10 thoughts on “with whom I walk

    • I’d never have thought of it, Cage.

      Sure. Let’s try that.

      Just today/last night I revisited a couple of my Bachelard books. Guess what? Half a dozen new ideas in a heartbeat.

      That old philosopher is still doing it for me/to me.

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      • Not really. All of these poems are drawn from contemplation of reverie (?).

        When I was writing these, I kept the poems drawn from each book separate, and have been posting in sequence – one from each collection. Some of my collections have run out before others.

        I’ve gone back to a couple of books from which my own work has run out and looking to extend those sets, for a start.

        All good fun.

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