was that?

I live in a place
what is real
what is dreaming

I find that I am
acting out
my reverie

sometimes I wish
that I
in a dream

a daydream
in which I breathe
and think
and work as though
with meaning

a day
I drift as though
by a drifting fog
of things
I can not

I fear that I might
lose myself
in the idea
that I can tell

from the other

but then I have to ask

was that


Poem #514 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard reverie.

9 thoughts on “was that?

      • Definitely needed it, Mick.

        It’s getting easier for me to do, within limits. I have to work on learning to sleep on a thin air mattress and have a couple of other physical adjustments I need to make, but I’m able to do about 5km with a loaded pack on my back. That seems good to me, at the moment.

        Greater distances with a break in the march, and multiple nights out in the tundra loom.

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  1. was that frank
    you in my dream

    i asked you in the morning
    to remember through out the day

    i was waiting you would be here
    and forgot to take from there

    to experience i miss
    in hear how i hiss

    I kept calling and
    you seem tizzy
    always busy

    on the tire
    which lit the fire

    and you sunder
    in the evening
    going finally under

    when you remembered

    was that me
    no frank
    tis your dream


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