take me (to the moon)

Well it’s the beginning of the month and Diana peach, over at Myths of the Mirror blog has posted another speculative fiction style prompt for us to have a play with.

This month’s prompt and all the various responses will be found here.

Meanwhile, my attempt is below.ย 

Thank you, Diana

take me (to the moon)


pixabay image by Natan Vance

I’m walking


take me to
the moon

today I am walking
moon wash me
wash me
wash me
I am coming
to you

what you were
what you thought
you were
is nothing

what you thought
is as nothing
to me


there’s a
star-clipse above me
to hold that sunlight

(to shine black)

star eclipse
above me
to give these buildings
every thing
they lack

this city is
an illusion

am just a

I am just
a sillhouette


today I am walking
won’t you take me

will you not take me
all the way
the moon



40 thoughts on “take me (to the moon)

  1. Wonderful poem, Frank. I love the sense of footprints (walking) that comes through with the repeats. I read this a few times and each time it felt different. Fascinating. I’ll reblog on Sunday! Thank you so much for taking up the prompt!

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    • You’re most welcome, Diana. I’m a little bit between my own promptings at the moment – totally preoccuppied with marketing one, and preparing the next, if you know what i mean. It’s really enjoyable to be able to just focus outside my own business for a bit to respond to such great pics as this and last month. Thank you.

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  2. I enjoyed the way this was written. My words and thoughts match H.R.R.โ€™s words and thoughts. Great work. It also looks like you lightened up the photo, which the photo made it feel a little more eerie as well.

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  3. Nice! The format gives the eye a sense of ascending and the voice of this poem has a lonely strength about it. This is a rooftop poem – needs to be shouted, whispered, from above the streets of a city.

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  4. I want to add my thoughts into this
    remind me if I have not been there to begin with

    this ain’t a picture when i open my eyes
    these are surreal happened when closed my eyes

    the foot will always bear even in your sneakers
    i am not running and I am not jogging it the end of the road

    perdition to the clues of what is happening in the dark
    within the alley lit so bright to make me thunder believing you’re the lark

    poof went to clear there was mystery of cyclical things happening
    was i devoid of the senses to the beckoning

    that its not real
    it is all surreal
    surreal surreal

    – by meh ๐Ÿ™‚

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