#500: spy-safe

from his spy-place he watched he could see into the house the corridor with bedrooms off to one side off to the other the comfort of the lounge room divan recliner chairs wall-mounted TV through the dining area and into the open kitchen the back door and outside yard beyond empty now but soon when … Continue reading #500: spy-safe

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Guest Writer – Frank Prem – Welcome to Beechworth, Victoria, #Australia

An introduction to my home town of Beechworth, kindly published by Sally Cronin – a wonderful support for Indie publishers.

Check out her sight. It’s pretty amazing.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Today Australian author Frank Prem shares his love of his hometown, and the inspiration behind his recently released collection of poems and stories.. Small Town Kid.

Hello and welcome to my hometown of Beechworth in north-east Victoria, where we nestle in the foothills of the Victorian Alps within easy reach of snow and skiing.

The north-east is awash with pretty and charming small towns and interesting villages, but Beechworth is a special place. It sits in the centre of an historical golden triangle of interest to visitors and tourists alike. The beauty of the scenery through the seasons has to be seen to be believed and won’t be easily forgotten (particularly the gorgeous foliage on display in the autumn), and immaculately preserved honey-granite-constructed buildings of historical significance occur all through the town.

Beechworth traces its roots to the late 1850’s, when it rapidly became one of the richest goldfields in…

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Review of Small Town Kid by Frank Prem — Mick Canning

While I'm feeling so puffed up by reviews, I hope you won't mind my self indulgence in posting the wonderful review that Mick Canning posted a few days ago. I could never have imagined the effect such wonderful and kind words could have. Mick, thank you again for this wonderful review, and friends who tune … Continue reading Review of Small Town Kid by Frank Prem — Mick Canning

New review for Small Town Kid

The reviews keep coming in for Small Town Kid. I am so grateful for them. My facebook post, below: A new review for Small Town Kid in today. This one is through LibraryThing in the US. It is so wondrous to receive reviews on a book about childhood in Australia from folk in other countries. … Continue reading New review for Small Town Kid