from the news: I believed (wrongly)

I believed
that the sun
in the sky

I believed that
the hand
was divine

even now
I don’t want
to know
of the lie

I believe
that the sin
be mine

and I pray
on my knees
my belief be

I pray and I bow
my head

before footsteps
approaching me
and one

I pray
my voice silenced

I believed
on a fairy-tale time

I believed
oh lord
and I

I was wrong
so wrong
I see now

that mostly
I was wrong
about you


From the News: Cardinal Convicted

5 thoughts on “from the news: I believed (wrongly)

    • Yes, Anne.

      Such reluctance to acknowledge guilt, let alone meaningful contrition.

      I have no knowledge of what did or didn’t occur, but the man (and some of his vociferous public supporters) don’t give me any reason to doubt the verdict.

      Liked by 1 person

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