mage: wish myself home


WHAT DO YOU SEE? Picture Challenge 26/02/2019 by


I light the staff
within my hand

show me
the way


I call the bird
of night



carry me
for the night
is filled
with woe

the ice is

take me to home

where the lights
are aglow
by my will

the fire-pits
are brimmed with logs
the sport
of dancing flames


I see myself inside
I see
the supper
on my table laid
as I
have wished it

come to me

great wing of the night

the mage is weary
and would now
be home


Helene’s What Do You See? picture prompt 26/02/2019



13 thoughts on “mage: wish myself home

  1. Delightful poem Frank. I followed her through this arduous journey, willing her home to the comforts of dinner and warmth. Thank you for this inspiration. I love your unique form of poetry.


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